Friday, November 27, 2009

43K words

...leaving me 7K more to go in the next three days. I supposed if I really tried, I could finish tomorrow or the next day. Hmm. I'm such a plodder. I have a terrible time trying to increase my output. I tried "Write or Die" and just couldn't do it. Bleah. My mind totally froze up and I couldn't type anything.

Will the end of my story coincide with 50000 words? Hmm. I'm trying to make it do so. I'm at the point where the sort-of-villains have morphed into SuperMegaHyperBadness, and the protagonist then has to do much the same thing, and they have their big face-off. Also I have a literal deus ex-machina: I just have to arrange to have the characters rendezvous with the machina part of that. As we already have two gods running around, one more popping out of a machine won't seem that out of place.

I have this thing about creating gods and destroying them. That's THREE novels now with that theme (last year's NaNo, this year's NaNo, and this year's NaNo that I wrote in an alternative universe where I picked the other plot). What can I say? They were different gods, created in different ways, and ... uh...ok, two of the endings aren't that different... um. Ok, but they're wearing different clothes, so to speak! (Not a new obsession with me. Remember when I was, what, 13 years old and I tried to start a cult with my friend, but we really wanted to be gods...? No, of course you don't remember, unless you happen to be that friend I tried to start a cult with.) At least no one in my "Salt Gang Chronicles" has any ambitions to godhood (universal domination, sure, but not godhood). Whew!

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