Saturday, October 31, 2009

Something old, something new, a "borrowed" plot, and a TARDIS? Sarah Jane...

So I just watched the Sarah Jane Adventures, ep 3.5-6 ("The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith"). The first part was pretty good (almost as good as the previous story, "The Mad Woman in the Attic"), until the Doctor made his irritating dramatic entrance. It was actually funny (whereas the Judoon ep wasn't, except for the bit with the Judoon in the police car.) The second part...ha. Can we steal any more from Sapphire and Steel, Assignment 6? That shot with the church floating in the void, with our heroes looking out, being trapped in a time looped environment (luckily they aren't looped, too), "higher powers" setting a trap, etc. Oh yes, and also the plot from "Father's Day" AND "The Temptation of SJS". Stealing it once is fine, but twice is pushing it!

David Tennant Doctor being more hyperactively annoying than ever with the "Look! I'm the Doctor! I'm so zany! I'm on a kids' show! HI KIDS! I'm amazing!" (It's enough to make me nostalgic for Colin Baker. What an underappreciated Doctor.) Whatever else one can complain about with Liz Sladen's acting ("possessed Sarah", argh! ARGH! She did it more convincingly in "The Hand of Fear"), at least she manages to be a bit calmer than Tennant. The episode works on the strength of her performance.

Just stop it already with the "Legendary Doctor" BS, ok? Please? At least we didn't have to sit through another round of on-screen applause/cheering for him. Oh yeah, and this is the 10th Doctor's last season. Yes, I think you said something about that already. Quit with the spooooky foreshadowings. He's gonna die. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm really, really sorry.

(Ok, nothing to do with anything. That's me watching TV instead of writing or thinking about my NaNo novel. I hope I never let my characters buy into their own hype, that's all. And now back to our regularly scheduled Halloween glow stick madness!)

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