Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Red Fox Child is doomed

There? See her? A frail shape chained to the iron book by her own shadow. She's lost her right hand, but the Librarian has given her a new one. It's a demonic graft. She wishes she could reject it, but her name is cut open, wreathed around the cold harsh lines of infernal bones. She sits at the desk and she writes. The words are weapons. They are fed by her signature. She can feel her name withering as each sheet flies loose, carried by the wind that blows between the worlds. Not far.

The Library is under siege. The Empress of Bells sings the song that cracks stone. Resonance employed as a battering ram. Paper flutters in startled clumps, a disruption in the air to confuse and muffle the deadly sounds of the enemy. Bones march against blood. The walking skeletons are as much chorus as army, hollow pipes and clashing swords. Blood seeps into bone, blood clots, blood mutes. The air is heavy with the stench of dying demons.

The Red Fox Child doesn't care about all that. She buries her own message in each spell. Help. Help me. I am here.

(They'll have to break the siege, won't they?)

But help will come too late. There's not enough left of her. Only enough to call the wind one last time and send her friends home.

There. Isn't that better than being turned into a library card? Oh, but we can still do that. A blurred signature and a sketch on a paper rectangle...something for Frog to burn once they stand on living earth again.

And none of that is any help at all in deciding on a name for the Colonist in my other story. Is it? Eh? Eh? I just wanted to write this bit down before I forgot what happened to Fox. And trying to see what the siege looks like, with so much magic being thrown around by both sides. What happened to the ghoul army? I think they were an early casualty. Remember? Each one trapped in a bell, but also neutralizing the bell. A loss for the Empress.

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