Friday, October 30, 2009

A name, a name, my kingdom for a name...

Aha! It came to me as I was driving home today. His name is Hummel 1417 hi'Tákashe ("Tákash"), and I am told his language sounds like vegetables frying. The thing to remember is that the "T" is strongly aspirated. Probably. I know we hate apostrophes in names. "Hi'" is short for "hight" in this case. "Hummel" is a tag applied by his family/line. He is legally a slave under Earthlaw, unless he sues for recognition as a bastard. He's probably a genetically purged clone of a successful member of the line, with implanted memories and morality.

Her name is Adurven, Traveler on the Bone Road and an acolyte of the Ossuary of the 49th Stone (in the Empire of Sky and Stone). That's what she always says, anyway. People mostly call her "Addy", or "Hey, you! Lab girl!", or "Clumsy undead wretch!" or "Useless numb-fingered oaf of a lab assistant!" when she drops a test tube.

And her master is, of course, the infamous Wensel, "that shtupid shtinking rat of an alchemist". If you can't hire a hunchback, you can BE a hunchback! *mutter mutter* Wensel of...of...some city, wasn't it? I'll say it was "Wensel of Fraiborg". Of course, by the time the story starts, anyone who's ever heard of Fraiborg is dead.

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