Monday, October 5, 2009

It's October. NaNo fever strikes again...

Agh! Two story ideas are fighting for dominance in my head. Ow ow ow ow ow. My brain is bleeding!

Idea 1: Sequel to previous NaNos. Working title: "Nik goes kabloiee!" In which our cliched elven prophet accidentally turns into a god, and sends his partner, the cliched vampire-prophet-with-a-cheesy-name, back in time to try to repair things without causing a paradox (a paradox being just as bad as a rogue god in this case. Bad for the people who live on that world, that is.) Throw in some psionic "Oh noes! I'm losing my memories!" angst and "Beware the Technopax Virus!" and "Don't disturb the Great Old Ones!" and "colonists vs indigenes" I'm sure I have a story in there somewhere.

Idea 2: A reworking of one of my plot ideas from last year now cast as a middle-grades (probably) story. Working title: "The Necromancer Diaries". Journeyman necromancer Adurven is Cinderella. Which is to say, everyone good is dead, and she's forced to clean up the mad alchemist's lab and keep half a dozen heads-in-jars in working undead condition while the evil stepmother (the Queen!) parties and does disgusting stuff with minor deities. Like, ewwww. Cinderella tries to summon an agent of the Lychmuttra to help her out, but the summoning goes wrong and she gets a useless escapee from some science fiction cliche in a power-armor-suit-spaceship. Or something. Wacky antics ensue.

Common element between idea 1 and idea 2: Lychmuttra is the patron goddess of both the vampire prophet and the necromancer. They're originally from the same world. Why?'m fond of that world and I use it whenever I can. Just remember that this Adurven is not the same Adurven as last year. Nor are the heads-in-jars quite the same either.

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