Monday, October 26, 2009

I hate prologues

So obviously, that's why I have one stuck in my head for NaNo2009/The Necromancer Diaries. I suppose the prologue is more for my benefit than any hypothetical reader.

It goes something like this.

What has gone before:

"We are agreed?" prodded Laylara. Her eyes held his, forcing an answer from him.

"Yes, yes," muttered Wensel. He slid his hand over his eyes wearily, unable to meet her gaze. "Yes, we're agreed. Gods forgive us."

"Gods? Come now, Wensel, we will BE gods. After this."

Wensel laughed without much amusement. "Power, yes, but it's relative. The sky you see isn't the whole sky. Don't tempt fate."

"Why not? I've tempted everything else. And rather successfully, wouldn't you say?"

Wensel coughed uneasily. "That's as may be. Just be careful, that's all I'm saying."

"Cheer up, Wensel. Remember that we're doing them a favor. How many times have they come to us, begging us to lift the Curse? Well, now we are."

"Yes," sighed Wensel. He opened his eyes a slit, peered through his fingers at the other. "Everything is set. Tonight. Three hours after midnight."

"Three hours after midnight."


To be continued...
(Time to get the kids to school)

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