Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hey, character, tell me your bloody name already!

It's, what, Oct 29? Three more days till NaNo starts. And I still don't have a name for the Boy Colonist in the necromancer's story. I don't know his Power-Armor-Suit/Spaceship/AI's name, either. Traditionally, that should be some cute acronym, but I don't feel up to devising any cute acronyms right now. Maybe they're from the "Mool's world" universe and the AI is an Intuition Machine. That society is paranoid and technologically advanced enough to devise a colonization program like this. This would be a post-War MW society. If from there, the Boy and his AI are both probably Bastards. But that'd be common in their family. (And he's NOT from the Interworlds Agency.) They'd have some kind of naming convention set up. Dunno what it is, though.



Name name name name name...

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