Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another idea falls on my head...

...this isn't helping me narrow down what I'm going to write in November, is it? Grumble, grumble, mutter, mutter. Ok, I admit it, it came to me in a dream, which I was enjoying, thank you very much, when it was time to haul myself out of bed. I held onto it all the way through breakfast and then while I was taking a shower, the idea hooked itself into the series of stories I've been writing all year, the "Salt Gang Chronicles". Somewhere between story 4 (the last one I wrote) and story 5, I split up the characters to have their own separate adventures. This is Fish's story (except I think she's lost her name again, not that it was anything to brag about in the first place), with a return appearance from the human woman from story 3. What does my dream have to do with it? Not very much. Actually, in the cold light of day (but getting warmer slowly) it's just another boring dream (even with the crocodiles living in the rivers of lava...no, "gavials" or "gharials", my subconscious was very insistent on that...must have seen them at the zoo once), but the process of trying to remember/figure out a plot for it started me off on these story ideas.

So...yeah...if I tell the separate bits of each of the four "Salt Gang" characters, that might end up in the neighborhood of 50000 words. (Each of the previous stories was in the 10-20K range). It's still pretty much a muddle in my head, though. We'll see. Two more weeks before I have to start writing.

Maybe I can just take a long nap and the ideas for the rest of the novel(s) will come to me in dreams. HA HA HA HA HA!

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