Friday, September 25, 2009

Babylon revised...

It's been almost a year since NaNo 2008. I should make some attempt at a second draft. I read a few chapters of it yesterday and today. As I don't completely loathe the novel, I'll try to hack it into shape in October. I suck at this revision thing, though. Practice, practice, practice. I think I'll use my other story set in this universe ("Fairy tales from Armageddon: Jack") as the prologue, even though it takes place years after this novel. The style is more "fairy tale", but it isn't completely inconsistent with NaNo2008 "Babylon Remembered". The epilogue of the novel leads into "Jack", after all.

Meanwhile, I'll have to finish the "Guzman" sections. I guess towards the end of November last year I just got tired and lost track of that strand of the story. I'm not sure about the "chapter" breaks I have now. But it's a pain to redo them. I dunno. Maybe it'll help if I do an outline of the novel. I hate outlines, did I mention that? Also I should get in some of the quotes I wanted from the Bible. Maybe I'll even get it all into a format I can use for the "createspace" offer. We'll see.

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