Friday, September 25, 2009

Babylon revised...

It's been almost a year since NaNo 2008. I should make some attempt at a second draft. I read a few chapters of it yesterday and today. As I don't completely loathe the novel, I'll try to hack it into shape in October. I suck at this revision thing, though. Practice, practice, practice. I think I'll use my other story set in this universe ("Fairy tales from Armageddon: Jack") as the prologue, even though it takes place years after this novel. The style is more "fairy tale", but it isn't completely inconsistent with NaNo2008 "Babylon Remembered". The epilogue of the novel leads into "Jack", after all.

Meanwhile, I'll have to finish the "Guzman" sections. I guess towards the end of November last year I just got tired and lost track of that strand of the story. I'm not sure about the "chapter" breaks I have now. But it's a pain to redo them. I dunno. Maybe it'll help if I do an outline of the novel. I hate outlines, did I mention that? Also I should get in some of the quotes I wanted from the Bible. Maybe I'll even get it all into a format I can use for the "createspace" offer. We'll see.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Lady Catherine's ninjas"!

Bwah ha ha ha. "Pride and Prejudice" has always been one of my favorite books. And now here's the "unexpurgated" version, with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem! How could I resist?

Jane Austen: now with more zombies! And ninjas! Anyway, it's a great concept. I love the cover. The actual with more subtext for the subtlety impaired. It's funny, in a MST3K kind of way. For example, the scene where Miss Bingley watches Darcy write a letter:

Elizabeth took up the oiling of her musket stock, and was sufficiently amused in attending to what passed between Darcy and his companion.

"How delighted Miss Darcy will be to receive such a letter!"

He made no answer.

"You write uncommonly fast."

"And you prattle uncommonly much."

"How many letters you must have occasion to write in the course of a year! Letters of business, too! How odious I should think them!"

"And how odious indeed that I should so often suffer to write them in your company."

It's illustrated. The pictures are a riot! Mr. Bennett has his daughters schooled in the "Pentagram of Death"! Lady Catherine is a martial arts master! She has ninjas! How can you hate a book that contains the phrase "Lady Catherine's ninjas"? And who among Elizabeth's friends and relations will become a zombie? We must know!

It does get old after the first few chapters, though. What it really did was make me want to reread the original. Which in the end is much, much funnier. Even without the zombies.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Story done, just in time...

...for AugNoWriMo, anyway. Didn't make my supposed word count goal, but my real goal was to finish the story. Which I did, a couple of hours after the kids left for school. Just as well the 31st was the first day of school! I tend not to get much done during the day otherwise. (Well, except I had a bit of a writing marathon on Sunday.)

So that was number four in my "Salt Gang Chronicles". Perhaps I'll take a break and write something else for the next story. Meanwhile, I went on a shopping spree for all the things I promised myself for finishing a story. Not only that, I bought my daughter something too. Though her plot suggestion to me was along the lines of "and then everyone died!"

No clue what I'm writing next.