Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun in the waves...

...and sun at Ocean City (Maryland). This writing-while-vacationing-at-the-beach thing? So not happening. The best chance I had was at the laundromat, but I couldn't really concentrate. Head full of sand. At least, it seems to be dribbling out of my ears. And most of the rest of me. I did get rolled around a bit by the waves. Even the little wimpy ones here are sufficient to do the job if you stand in the right place.

Perhaps everything here is just too exciting. Ha. Even the microwave oven seems to be terribly thrilling, judging by the sign next to it:

Use Extreme Caution when using

microwave! Contents of food are hot!

Microwaveable Popcorn is prohibited!

If food is burned and sets off detector:

1st - Open Glass Door/Window to air out!

2nd - Keep front door to room shut as this

will activate entire Hotel Fire Alarm

causing entire Hotel Evacuation!

In Case of Fire Exit Room Immediately!

Why did I sign up for AugNoWriMo? At least I didn't declare any massive goal, just that I'd finish the novella I'm working on now. ("Salt Gang" number 4.) I suppose I can get it done when I get back, if I work at it.

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