Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crunch time...argh...

At about 10% of my declared goal, with one writing day to go. Well, never mind the 10000 words, just finish the damned story. That's what I said yesterday, and that's what I say today. My resolve was definitely slipping this month. I've sworn off even watching DVDs, listening to audios, or reading books until the first draft is done. I may have to cut off newspapers and magazines too...bah!

Somehow a golem slipped into the story. Dear me. Another one from the fantasy grab bag, isn't it? And to kill this golem, two of my characters are going to lose a hand each. They're lucky to escape with their lives. So now that I've declared it, I have to write it, don't I? Right, get off the blog and look at the story file.

Or "Zombie bobble-head Einstein is coming to kill you! He has a Nobel prize!" as my son warned. It's a terrible thing when McDonalds toys run amok in one's family sedan.

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