Saturday, July 25, 2009

Woo hoo! Peach and blackberry season again!

At least it is, here in Maryland. So I went out with the kids last week and came home with a box of peaches and a box of blackberries. The blackberries weren't quite there yet, but still. I think we were the very model of restraint to come home with only one box of peaches. I saw other families with two or three boxes... Well. For some reason the peaches seem to multiply once I bring them inside the house. But peaches are so much better when you get them directly from the tree. I never see really ripe peaches at the store. I remember years ago, on a trip to China, I was amazed at the selection and quality of the peaches at the markets and roadside stands there. There's a lot more variety in types than you get at a US supermarket. Yeah. Love the peaches. No wonder they were the traditional fruit of the gods/immortality.

ObWriting: A few words here, a few words there. I wrote half a scene today, after a week or two of nothing nothing nothing. The ending eludes me, but I guess I'll worry about it when I get there. This story is causing me difficulty, as most of the "guest cast" speak English with non-American accents. I have a terrible memory for how people talk, so even though I've known (and am related to!) plenty of non-American speakers, I still can't reproduce the effect on the page. Bah.

I should go eat a peach. (The blackberries were gone by this morning!)

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