Saturday, July 18, 2009

Story? What story?'s well into July, eh? It's summer, it's hot, the kids are a bit bored, the drives to anywhere interesting are a bit long, and I bought the season 1 DVD set of "Forever Knight". Early 1990s Canadian show about a vampire detective. Vampire! Detective! What's not to like? I feel a "World of Darkness" flashback coming on. Speaking of flashbacks, poor Nick has a real problem with flashbacks, ha! What, his memory's full after 800 years and everything reminds him of something else? I feel like that sometimes, except I don't have a life so it's a Simpsons or Doctor Who episode I'm reminded of. I still think the whole "vampire face" thing looks stupid. It looked dumb in "Buffy", too. And another whitey-white McWhite White show. The core cast, at any rate. (Though Nick's accent is kinda odd...he's what, supposed to be medieval French? Played by...a Welsh-born actor?) That is one thing nuWho has done a little better at sometimes: it doesn't always come off as token-istic. Mickey in Doctor Who, and Clyde and Rani in the Sarah Jane Adventures, great characters all. I remember "Firefly" REALLY pissed me off with its supposedly Chinese-influenced spacefaring society that hardly had ANY Chinese-looking people at all, even the extras. I'd have thought the Tams (I mean, look at the name!) should have been at least.

Yeah. Anyway. No vampires! No time travel! No flashbacks! In this current set of stories I'm working on, anyway. Stupid djinn got in somehow. Hrmph. It seems the time travel is in there, too, in the way that wishes work backwards through time to achieve their effects. And with what the dimensional surgeons do in excising bits of real reality and rewriting history. Gah.

Anyway...story four in the Salt Gang Chronicles...I swear I'm working on the plot even if I'm not getting that much writing done. Something I think about on the long drives to the "scenic" bits of Maryland. Cunningham Falls State Park, Dam Number 4 cave, the beach, the Germantown swimming pool, etc. etc. Riiight...

But I am taking up the vow of media abstinence again *mutter mutter* until I get the story done.

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