Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mmm...new story...(at last)

I love that "new story" smell. Mwah ha ha ha! So yeah. I finally started writing episode 4 of "season 1" of my "Salt Gang Chronicles". No title yet. Maybe something about geese. This is indeed my story with the psychic ex-prophetic weregoose nuns (led by old Mother Goose). The same ones who once used prophecies and rhymes to kill. Haven't you ever thought there was something deeply sinister about "Humpty Dumpty"? I wonder what the geese had against him. Oh yes, and I've decided their home plane/kingdom is Cockaigne/Schlaraffenland. It's not the "real" Mother Goose, but it's my story and I can make them Germanic if I feel like it. I can even make them blond Nordic ones if I want. (Their appearance I got from some random dream. I find that dreams don't generally make good stories, but they're useful for kicking off story ideas and images.)

Who else? Oh yes. The goblins. I decided to have goblins in this story. Mainly because I wanted the goblin market (and then the goblin art galleries and smithies and...err...yeah, I do get carried away, why do you ask?). In my world, "goblin" is not a race. It's a lifestyle choice. So here we are in cliche #54: ruined underground city inhabited by monsters.

And cliche #2: the lost heir. I decided there's no prophecy about him, though. That's the whole point of the quest. People lost their ability to make prophecies and they're trying to get it back by finding (and using) the lost heir. Because his kingdom was famous for its Wishbook and its ability to manipulate timelines. If they were so good at it, how come they were destroyed, you might ask. Betrayed from within, I expect. Some angry royal stole the book and fed it to the rats.

Our Scooby gang is out of its depth again. I expect they muddle through somehow at the end. This involves teaching the wrong (right?) person to read. Hurray for literacy!

...but I'm only halfway through the first scene. Who knows what will happen by the time I get to the end of the story. Just let it be shorter than the last! (Which turned out to be about 18000 words.)

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