Saturday, June 6, 2009

Here we go round the mulberry bush

All that singing about going "round the mulberry bush" as a little kid, and it's not until NOW that I finally find out what a mulberry bush looks like. Or that I've been missing out on eating them all those years.

Taisch's Mulberry Bush list:

  1. They're more trees than bushes! And there's a bunch of them growing near my kids' preschool playground! In fact, it was one of the local kids eating some of the berries that prompted me to go and look up more information about it. So, the "red mulberry" morus rubra is native to our area (eastern midatlantic US), but foreign varieties are also widely planted around here.
  2. If they're widely planted, why didn't we get one of those in our yard instead of the stupid useless Bradford pear tree? Argh! I wish I'd known to lobby for a mulberry back in the day. Maybe I can get one now.
  3. Wow. They're in fruit now, and BOY are they profuse. So much for wasting time trying to grow strawberries (which all get eaten by the backyard wildlife) or blackberries (didn't work out). Actually, the fruit have been dropping off the trees for weeks now, but I simply didn't pay attention. Stupid me.
  4. They REALLY stain your hands (red). And your face. And whatever you happen to be wearing. All those little kids shrieking "I have blood on my hands!". Ha ha.
  5. Eat the black ones. They look like blackberries. Taste like small, pale versions of the same. The white and red colored ones aren't ripe. Taste horrible. That's no reason to pick them and throw them at people.
  6. Failure in the oral transmission of childhood lore! I never learned about these as a kid!
  7. I need to stop lying awake in bed at 6 am making mental lists about mulberry trees. Ok, my hands hurt and my youngest kid slipped into bed on MY SIDE while I was in the bathroom, but still.
  8. I've never had any characters named "Mulberry". Ha. I name a lot of characters after herbs (I'm using one now, in fact!) or trees. I think I'll add fruits, nuts, and vegetables to the lists. Oh yeah. Reminder to self: I wanted to have someone called "Bok Choi". Just need the right story.
  9. No mulberry trees or bushes appear in the story I am currently working on. None.

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