Friday, May 15, 2009

My scallion pancakes are made of fail

*sob* They really ought to be ridiculously simple to make. But I suppose I need a) more time (plan ahead! Of course they were bad...I made them in such a hurry!) and b) more practice. Even the best scallion pancakes look kind of ugly. Mine were just pathetic. I'd eat them, but wouldn't dare inflict them on unsuspecting preschoolers or their parents.

Anyway. I ought to learn to cook...something...someday. Something ethnic, or with a cool-sounding name, or something. Or maybe it'd be easier to give cool-sounding names to the...things...I cook for supper. Besides "I hate this supper" #1, "I hate this supper" #2, "Ewwww", etc. My kids ask me what's for dinner and all I can say is "food...stuff. Meat. Green leafy vegetable. Potatoes." It's not very inspiring. Let's see. Perhaps it's all part of Dwarven-American cuisine. "Khazadurin Kuiken a-Khursleek u-lentillen" ("curry chicken stew with leeks and lentils"). And if I learned some actual cooking terms in English (as opposed to, I dunno, Mandarin), that would help in writing about it. What do other families eat for dinner anyway?

But of course I'm currently writing about a gang of reincarnated ghosts who don't eat proper food at all. ARGH!

That's if I were actually WRITING the story, as opposed to thinking dark thoughts about it now and again. Butt in chair and type, you idiot.

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