Sunday, May 31, 2009

Argh! It's the end of May...

Stupid story! Be done, now! I command you! *waves hands authoritatively* You're my story! Obey me!


That didn't work. Surprise, surprise. Bah. I really need to get it done by the end of the week. I'm at 7000 words or so today. It shouldn't drag on for that much more. The ending keeps mutating in my mind, but I think I know what it is, now. The Salt Gang is getting more deeply entangled with the Librarian (of Hell). Probably a Bad Thing. I've filled in a few more names for the Hierarchy of Hell, using a few from the traditional lists, but more that I just made up myself. I think the end leads into the next story in the series. I have some ideas for the next one after that, too, but this is all useless unless I actually put my fingers on the keyboard and write the damn things.

So anyway. The tricky bit is to keep writing each time after I finish a scene, rather than getting stalled. Still, it's not all bad. While I'm not actively writing, new plot elements and turns do occur to me. There's apparently a whole legion (of skeletons!) lost in the void between the worlds for the past 50000 years or so. And it's not zombies that are the problem, but the ghouls. To the house, to the house! What will do they inside the house? Will they work there? Will they play there? A ghoul party! A big ghoul party!

A scene, another scene, another, and a few more, and then we should reach the end. Onward!

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  1. Can I just say, your story sounds really interesting? It sounds almost like Terry Practett crossed with Clive Barker. Good luck with the second draft. :)