Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reduce, re-use, recycle...

...your use of silly pretentious unpronounceable alien/fantasy/Darkity-dark names. Hmm? That, or my random name generator is made of fail. I used to compile lists of potential names for my characters, but I haven't done that in awhile, so I've been recycling old ones.

As a side-effect, I find that when I re-use a name, the old character seems to haunt it, which these days is appropriate enough as I'm writing about sorcerously reincarnated ghosts. Here we have "Jack Yarrow", who committed suicide by bat swarm. Well, it was only an OOC suicide. ICly, he got killed by a vampire (played by a friend of mine). Must watch out for similarly absurd suicidal tendencies by my current "Jack Yarrow" character. He does something insanely reckless at least twice per story so far.

And then there's Acharne. The original Acharne was an evil yet health-conscious vampire dude who ran a supermarket. He had a "healthy eaters club" or something, to ensure himself a steady supply of "organic" blood. This is called "pre-loading", where you make sure your food animals are well-fed before YOU eat them. As I recall, this is the same supermarket with the talking shopping carts...I think the vampires used to race the carts, possibly with partners sitting inside holding long wooden stakes to stab each other with. Good times. Snipers in the parking lot! Nosy priests! The place got blown up eventually (probably Acharne got blown up with it) and I replaced it with a ranch with my other vampire character. Until she accidentally crashed an airplane into it (Hurray for botched piloting rolls...) Ended up building a casino. Complete with a virtual slot machine! With imaginary profits! I had to do that to make up for the time I accidentally deleted the virtual object on which I had stored all our savings (and guns! I think I lost some gun objects too. D'oh.) Made up some IC excuse about "bad investments" in some company purporting to have invented teleporters. Whatever! I mean, this was a world where TVs coincidentally explode, killing everyone. Or you "coincidentally" get electrocuted by a doorknob. Death to mages! Rar!

So my current Acharne is a duke of Hell. The Librarian! Maybe he does a lot of social work, promoting literacy and so on. Reads the Necronomicon to school kids! Whee! I need him to do some more evil things besides randomly appearing and smirking. So far the purported "good guys" have done a lot more damage than he has. Two genocides (alien races) and millions of humans condemned to death by zombie.

Anyway. Just trying to provoke myself to go work on the story. (Salt Gang Chronicles #3: Zombie Soup).

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