Saturday, April 4, 2009


Bah! No wonder I'm having trouble with my current story (Salt Gang Chronicles #3: Zombie Soup (working title)). My "guest" POV character has none. Flat as the half-drunk cans of Sprite that have been sitting on the garage steps for the past week. (I really should get rid of those.) And it seems another character is actually telling her the story. At least for the first half. I'm not sure if that's going to work out, but it's the only way I can convince myself to write it at all. I'm also cheating by skipping over huge swaths of death and destruction and angst to...I dunno, some smaller and more manageable bit of death and destruction and angst.

Haven't got much writing done. Last Saturday was the National Kite Festival. We went...destroyed two of our kites within the first half hour. Well, it was very wet and mizzly. Mud mud mud. And I'd made most of the kites out of tissue paper! Tissue paper, meet water. Good bye! Still, we did get a couple of hours of "clear" weather, with a decent wind. The place wasn't nearly as crowded as last year, which had been on a sunny day (didn't even get close to the official Kite Festival pavilions that time). Saw some cherry trees in the Tidal we drove by...looking for parking... Anyway. My one waterproof kite (a delta made out of a recycled Borders Books bag) was flawed in its design and never achieved stable flight. One of the tissue paper kites just went shooting up. A simple "paper airplane" design (so it had a keel) with a flimsy frame. Must remember that one. And the one I flew in the official "competition" thingy (just to say that I had) was the usual foil gift-wrap diamond wimpified fighter-style kite (with pieces of cane for the frame) held together by sticky tape. That one flew like a charm. Too bad it was small and invisible once it went up in the sky. So we'll try taking them out again sometime this week. Spring break and all that. so much. Did a little bit today. Hopefully more tomorrow. Maybe I can make it to the write-in.

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