Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stuck stuck stuck

If I were writing a 5000 word story, I'd be done by now. Grrrr. As it is, I seem to be doing 10K "episodes". So I'm typing this message to myself to get on with it. It's been nearly a month! Finish it already! Well? What's the problem? Can't concentrate? Can't focus? Too many (one is too many) small children constructing "homes" out of all your pillows and blankets and jumping up and down in the middle of your bed? Having one of those annoying days when it hurts to turn a doorknob and you need to use your knee to work the button on the gear shift? (And who designed those stupid faucets where you need to pull up on it to turn it on? Ugh!) Typing's easy, though. Just tap lightly on the keyboard. If I could write a story consisting of 10000 words of me whining to myself, I'd be done, too!

The stealing-all-my-blankets-and-pillows (and assorted boxes AFTER dumping out the contents on the floor) thing really drives me nuts. At least they've dropped the bit about having to take off all their clothes before they go into their "homes". I suppose it's not as bad as the "cereal party" game where you empty the contents of 3-4 boxes of cereal onto the floor and pretend to be dogs (or whatever).

Ok, I'm not really "stuck", I'm just not doing any writing. In my current story. Yet. Today. Maybe after the kids are in bed, I'll go sit out in the hall and write. That sometimes works.

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