Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's spring!

Which means it's time for the annual preschool musical...

Which is more cute than musical. The 2-year-olds are adorable but inaudible. The 3-yr-olds are actually audible, shouting along with the recording as they dance. There's at least two teachers on stage with them at any given time, shooing them this way and that. This year they did songs from "Mary Poppins", "Annie", and "The Sound of Music", plus the "YMCA" song, of course.

Hmm. I have a four year old character in the story I'm working on now. Must keep the zombies from killing her. I suppose little kids can be very quiet and hidden when they need to be! I remember when mine would fall asleep hidden inside boxes, cabinets, and closets, camouflaged under clothes and such. I should go work on my plot/outline now, but I'll probably just fall asleep.

"La la la, going to the bathroom. La la la, closing the door. La la la, doing thingy things. La la la." Geez, 10-yr olds are strange, too.

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