Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's spring!

Which means it's time for the annual preschool musical...

Which is more cute than musical. The 2-year-olds are adorable but inaudible. The 3-yr-olds are actually audible, shouting along with the recording as they dance. There's at least two teachers on stage with them at any given time, shooing them this way and that. This year they did songs from "Mary Poppins", "Annie", and "The Sound of Music", plus the "YMCA" song, of course.

Hmm. I have a four year old character in the story I'm working on now. Must keep the zombies from killing her. I suppose little kids can be very quiet and hidden when they need to be! I remember when mine would fall asleep hidden inside boxes, cabinets, and closets, camouflaged under clothes and such. I should go work on my plot/outline now, but I'll probably just fall asleep.

"La la la, going to the bathroom. La la la, closing the door. La la la, doing thingy things. La la la." Geez, 10-yr olds are strange, too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hmm...overlong and a bit pointless...

...but at least it's done. (That is, "episode 2" of my imaginary anime series "The Salt Gang Chronicles".) Working title: "Friends of the Library (of Evil)"

Stupid thing ran on to about 12000 words. Everyone ran around for a bit. Then it all ended, just as "fate intended", and they didn't do a damn bit of good. I guess that's why it ends with one of the characters practicing his evil laugh. Because, really, what else can you do?

I hope #3 will be shorter. I have a few ideas for it already. Probably I'll tell it from the point of view of an even more obvious author-insert character. Heh. More dreamscapes, more dimensional messes, a zombie problem (probably due to events from story #2), severed hands in the soup, etc. etc.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well, that's an exclusive club you've got...

It's sad when you get story ideas from your children...

So my son built a leaf pile house or fort, then decided to cut up a piece of paper and write out an invitation to the < name redacted> Club. He gave one to his little sister, who duly showed up at his "doorstep", invitation in hand, only to be rejected... my son pointed out to her that the invitation had already expired. In fact, it had expired before he gave it to her...she would have to travel back in time to use it! His club, apparently, is only for time-travelers...

And then there was the time at the playground when he claimed to be stealing all the gravity (using a merry-go-round). What, was he going to hold it all for ransom?

Oh well. I suppose he's going to be a supervillain when he grows up. This is the boy who got a remote control Dalek for his birthday last year. They really need to make "Doctor Who" themed LEGO sets. I mean, he did all right building a LEGO TARDIS (rectangular blue box) but a rectangular Dalek just looks so wrong. Cybermen figures would be awesome, too. Although my younger daughter would probably remove all the limbs and then we'd be left with Cyber heads on a Spiderman torso or something. I'd love to see a "Doctor Who" LEGO computer game, too. Come on! If they have a "Batman" game, why can't they have a "Doctor Who" game?

After googling: I see people did put together some credible DW critters. Using Star Wars parts? Is that an R2D2 head on the Dalek? Still. They need to make a real DW LEGO set! And game!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stuck stuck stuck

If I were writing a 5000 word story, I'd be done by now. Grrrr. As it is, I seem to be doing 10K "episodes". So I'm typing this message to myself to get on with it. It's been nearly a month! Finish it already! Well? What's the problem? Can't concentrate? Can't focus? Too many (one is too many) small children constructing "homes" out of all your pillows and blankets and jumping up and down in the middle of your bed? Having one of those annoying days when it hurts to turn a doorknob and you need to use your knee to work the button on the gear shift? (And who designed those stupid faucets where you need to pull up on it to turn it on? Ugh!) Typing's easy, though. Just tap lightly on the keyboard. If I could write a story consisting of 10000 words of me whining to myself, I'd be done, too!

The stealing-all-my-blankets-and-pillows (and assorted boxes AFTER dumping out the contents on the floor) thing really drives me nuts. At least they've dropped the bit about having to take off all their clothes before they go into their "homes". I suppose it's not as bad as the "cereal party" game where you empty the contents of 3-4 boxes of cereal onto the floor and pretend to be dogs (or whatever).

Ok, I'm not really "stuck", I'm just not doing any writing. In my current story. Yet. Today. Maybe after the kids are in bed, I'll go sit out in the hall and write. That sometimes works.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time for a musical interlude...

So I was procrastinating again yesterday (or resting from shoveling snow off the driveway, or so I tell myself --- what a pointless endeavor. It'll all be gone by the end of the week, but meanwhile it has this annoying tendency to melt and refreeze into a solid sheet of ice) when I rediscovered the boxes of CDs that were gathering dust under the bed for the last ten years or so. Man, I don't know what I've been listening to for the last decade (local classical music radio station?) but I used to be totally addicted to this Celtic folk stuff... (and me with not a drop of Celtic blood in my ancestry...oh well...)

Relativity! That's Triona Ni Dhomhnaill, Micheal O Domhnaill, Phil Cunningham, and Johnny Cunningham. They only made the two albums as a group, but they're near perfection. Some of the most beautiful music in my collection. Though I suppose it's just as well they didn't make any much more of that flavor of beauty could you take?

And Silly Wizard! Ha! Ah, the 1980s...some great songs and instrumental tracks. I think it was Silly Wizard that introduced me to the "Strathspey" form. Has a definite "bite" to it, rhythmically speaking. But I bought the CDs for Andy M. Stewart's great voice and awesome songs.

Anyway, hurrah for Green Linnet and Shanachie. Half my favorite stuff came out under their labels. (Yes, that includes the "Klezmatics" CD my cousin gave me one year...and I'm not Jewish, either. Heh.) Green Linnet has some nice compilation albums.