Saturday, February 14, 2009

Salt Gang ch. 1, draft 1 done!

Whee! It turned out to be about 11K words long. Not really a short story, and clearly just the first section of a longer tale. Guess it's another novel on my hands. I'll have to kick it around before it achieves any kind of coherance. The worst part was when I finished the first draft and then accidentally saved over it with an older version of the file. AAAARGH! I hate that. Had to rewrite the last 1000 words or so. So annoying...

So now I gotta think of something to do tomorrow when our writing group meets. I'm finding the writing group thing very helpful in getting me to sit down and my story. It helps for the rest of the week, too, which is cool. Meanwhile, sleep beckons. SLEEEP!

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