Saturday, February 7, 2009

OMG It's February!

What happened to January!? WHAT!? Eh? I want to know.

...Oh. I blew it off watching TV (damn those DVD season collections anyway) and listening to Doctor Who audio plays (thank you, Big Finish). (The good ones are very good, actually. I was surprised. "Omega" was FAR better than the televised story with the 5th Doctor and Omega. I'm glad. I always liked Peter Davison. And Colin Baker! And Paul McGann! Love Paul McGann. But SO glad Fox never picked up the series. It would have been even worse than the current nuWho. So I really enjoyed listening to the 8th Doc audios. He's the best at being CrazyUnhingedDoctor and "ILoveYou"Doctor. As for Sylvester McCoy. Erm. Yeah. I'd rather watch him onscreen. The rrrrrrolling rrrrs don't bug me as much if I'm distracted by his clowning around. Still waiting to find a clip of him with the ferrets down his pants.)

ANYWAY. Must...finish...story...this I can get a start on the next one soon. Looks like it's gonna take another 6000 words or so. Which was, what, 3 days during NaNo? This is pathetic. Gah!

I had some problems figuring out the plot. I mean, why? Why why why? Why the death I wrote in the first paragraph? Why do the same people who happily murder at their master's command change their minds about it by the end of the story? Did they just never think they had any choice about it? What kind of idiots ARE they? Also, if they all share the same "childhood" memories and so on, how did they all end up so different from one another? Hmm? Some kind of nature vs nurture thing going on here? This is the same problem (from a different angle) of the "amnesiac hero" plot. So you lose your memory. Do you suddenly turn on your old friends? If you didn't trust woman X when you HAD your memories, why do you believe she's your wife now? If you liked Mr. Dagger Lee the first time you met, why do you believe he's your mortal enemy now? (TV version) Ah Fei, I'm looking at you! Ahem. Of course, amnesiac Doctor (in the BBC novels) still mostly acted Doctor-ish.

So all right. They have amnesia (the ghosts don't remember the story of their past lives, only some sensory images and skills) but they do share artificial memories given to them by their summoners. They spend a few years training and adjusting to life who are they now? Their "personalities" must be inherent in some way. Not dependent on their memories. They would also diverge depending on what they experienced since they were revived. How human do they think they are? How much empathy can they have for the living? Is our boy Yarrow (I'm calling him Jack Yarrow this month) just...especially NICE? In an infectious way? Lame lame lame. But no, it's not that he's nice, he just has certain principles that are a bit...weird. Hm. right. Time to write that conversation.

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