Sunday, February 15, 2009

More adventures in Cliche City!

...a.k.a. the Salt Gang Chronicles: (story 2). I'm still trying to work out more of the plot before writing the story. I like to have at least a mental outline before I start up and a file of notes/story ideas. So this story takes place a few months after the first story (in which our "heroes" meet, get "orphaned" in the elder-disciple sense, and decide to form their Scooby Gang.) Brother Yarrow, now Jack Yarrow, has a job at the Corner Bakery. Frog and Fox continue their life of petty crime and squalid concealment. They pass the ex-fire-demon Fish back and forth for babysitting/"re-education".

Until one day Frog and Fox show up at the Corner Bakery for the handoff, only to find that Yarrow and Fish are nowhere to be found. It seems that Yarrow is the prime suspect in the murder of one of the customers...hmm...

So it looks like we are going into the "hero is falsely accused of murder" cliche. BUT! I thought it would be more fun in this case if he really DID kill the person. Why? Well, as it turns out, the victim is actually an imposter who killed the original, who turns out to have been a bird zombie composer who was meeting a crystal bug zombie composer at the Corner Bakery (neutral ground) to hammer out a peace treaty between their two warring (alien) races. Yarrow notices something odd about the imposter, and the imposter notices him noticing, and violence ensues.

Who is this mysterious imposter? It must be one of the minions of the EVIL! EVIL FROM THE DAWN OF TIME! Archaetrix. Plotting to subvert the peace treaty/opera to enact the ritual "Piercing the Walls of Night". (Why, yes, I AM plagiarising my own D&D MUSH plot from lo those many years ago, with apostate sun priest Gerard and the whole dragon-human hybrid family and the evil opera McGuffin. But since I'm never going to write that story, I'm going to write this one instead.)

Then we have a big run-around for awhile, a few battles with people with birds and crystalline bugs flying out of their ears, and evil oatmeal from the Archaetrix. Maybe not the evil oatmeal, but I'm serious about the zombies-with-the-things-flying-out-of-their-ears. Zombies are mobile homes for the handless alien intelligences. Who are of course worshipped as gods on their homeworld (by the native humans.) They also use music/math magic, which explains the operatic peace treaty. Maybe. The idea is that both sides perform in the opera to seal the agreement. Humans play in the orchestra, naturally.

And then the big bad evil is exposed and destroyed, peace is restored, and we live happily ever after (or until the next story, whichever comes first.) Right. Now, how to GET to that have no clue...

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