Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First person POV, present tense...why why why...

Why did I decide to write the story that way? I don't really enjoy it, no. It's all very well for a blog, but I'm not writing the story in the form of a blog, am I? But POV problems are trivial compared to the boring character, inconsistent character, lack of description, stupid plot, meandering randomness, and general lack of meaning in the story.

Basically, it's a superhero team "origins" story, how they got together blah blah blah. Those usually aren't the most interesting, are they? I'm writing it because a) I want to know what happened. If I don't actually write the story, I will "remember" it wrong. b) I have to start somewhere.

I need to finish it this week. I've been dragging it out too long as it is. Did 2000 words last weekend. If I do 1000 a day, should be able to finish. Need to make up some more random names. "The Demoncloak General", maybe. The point is that he and his troops wear demons as their armor. But what's his NAME? What? What is it? Is he the one I called Ililurmura? I can always drop toys onto the keyboard a few times until I get another name. Or not. Ililurmura must have been an alien, or mythical, or a dragon, or something. One of those shadowy figures that they all remember without ever having met personally (it's the Headmaster's memory they share.)

Googled "Ililurmura". HA HA HA! Tis a "googlenope". Someday the legend of Ililurmura will spread across the internet like some hideous fungus and this is where it all started! Mwah ha ha ha ha! Fools! I'll destroy you all!

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