Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Zombie messiah!

Clearly, that's what the war is all about. The zombie messiah! And who is the zombie messiah? Obviously, it's all a demonic plot. From hell! Yessss...

And on Valentine's Day, when I began this story, I knew I had to include a story of Forbidden Loooove. And now I know who's sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g... It's doomed love between the Zombie Messiah and the renegade Blood Angel. Doomed! DOOMED, I say! She's a Word-made-flesh, and she's been manipulating the zombies all along...while he's broken out of hell itself to reunite with her...awww...meanwhile everything go BOOM.

The Salt Gang can bear witness to all this madness. Or something. And I'm sure the gnomes had something to do with this fiasco. As for the question of just WHAT a zombie messiah is supposed to be...well...uh...yeah...I'm still working on that.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Look! More words! In my story!

Well, the plot is still a mess. I've decided it wasn't an imposter after all, but both of the zombie negotiators who were corrupted. By whom? An escaped Blood Angel. No name (not sure it has a name...the name may have been stripped from it). For offenses against the Ancient, it was sent to be a slave of Acharne, the Master of Meat and the Keeper of the Library of Forgotten Words. (Enough capitalized nouns yet?) It ran away, stealing a page from some evil codex or other, and took over the two aliens, planning to corrupt the treaty.

So yeah. I had fun inventing a few things. This week from the cliche bag: the Lost (yet Astonishingly Advanced) Empire --- I was going to need it eventually, so may as well start mentioning it here. Atlantis! Or not. It sank into Hell, not beneath the waves. More names stolen from defunct settings (Ichorian Empire, Minaxis Nochti - the City on the Lake of Night). Clearly this is where the obscure dangerous rituals originated.

Also, the Ridiculous Gnomish Artifact...they apparently made a huge invisible space station in high orbit while I wasn't looking. Damn gnomes! I plan to have one of my characters almost go there, but not quite. I hate gnomes, after all.

But anyway, after running scenes through my head all week, I finally sat down and started writing. Whee! I still don't have the ending worked out, but I'm hoping it will become more obvious to me as I write the story.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More adventures in Cliche City!

...a.k.a. the Salt Gang Chronicles: (story 2). I'm still trying to work out more of the plot before writing the story. I like to have at least a mental outline before I start up and a file of notes/story ideas. So this story takes place a few months after the first story (in which our "heroes" meet, get "orphaned" in the elder-disciple sense, and decide to form their Scooby Gang.) Brother Yarrow, now Jack Yarrow, has a job at the Corner Bakery. Frog and Fox continue their life of petty crime and squalid concealment. They pass the ex-fire-demon Fish back and forth for babysitting/"re-education".

Until one day Frog and Fox show up at the Corner Bakery for the handoff, only to find that Yarrow and Fish are nowhere to be found. It seems that Yarrow is the prime suspect in the murder of one of the customers...hmm...

So it looks like we are going into the "hero is falsely accused of murder" cliche. BUT! I thought it would be more fun in this case if he really DID kill the person. Why? Well, as it turns out, the victim is actually an imposter who killed the original, who turns out to have been a bird zombie composer who was meeting a crystal bug zombie composer at the Corner Bakery (neutral ground) to hammer out a peace treaty between their two warring (alien) races. Yarrow notices something odd about the imposter, and the imposter notices him noticing, and violence ensues.

Who is this mysterious imposter? It must be one of the minions of the EVIL! EVIL FROM THE DAWN OF TIME! Archaetrix. Plotting to subvert the peace treaty/opera to enact the ritual "Piercing the Walls of Night". (Why, yes, I AM plagiarising my own D&D MUSH plot from lo those many years ago, with apostate sun priest Gerard and the whole dragon-human hybrid family and the evil opera McGuffin. But since I'm never going to write that story, I'm going to write this one instead.)

Then we have a big run-around for awhile, a few battles with people with birds and crystalline bugs flying out of their ears, and evil oatmeal from the Archaetrix. Maybe not the evil oatmeal, but I'm serious about the zombies-with-the-things-flying-out-of-their-ears. Zombies are mobile homes for the handless alien intelligences. Who are of course worshipped as gods on their homeworld (by the native humans.) They also use music/math magic, which explains the operatic peace treaty. Maybe. The idea is that both sides perform in the opera to seal the agreement. Humans play in the orchestra, naturally.

And then the big bad evil is exposed and destroyed, peace is restored, and we live happily ever after (or until the next story, whichever comes first.) Right. Now, how to GET to that have no clue...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Salt Gang ch. 1, draft 1 done!

Whee! It turned out to be about 11K words long. Not really a short story, and clearly just the first section of a longer tale. Guess it's another novel on my hands. I'll have to kick it around before it achieves any kind of coherance. The worst part was when I finished the first draft and then accidentally saved over it with an older version of the file. AAAARGH! I hate that. Had to rewrite the last 1000 words or so. So annoying...

So now I gotta think of something to do tomorrow when our writing group meets. I'm finding the writing group thing very helpful in getting me to sit down and my story. It helps for the rest of the week, too, which is cool. Meanwhile, sleep beckons. SLEEEP!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First person POV, present tense...why why why...

Why did I decide to write the story that way? I don't really enjoy it, no. It's all very well for a blog, but I'm not writing the story in the form of a blog, am I? But POV problems are trivial compared to the boring character, inconsistent character, lack of description, stupid plot, meandering randomness, and general lack of meaning in the story.

Basically, it's a superhero team "origins" story, how they got together blah blah blah. Those usually aren't the most interesting, are they? I'm writing it because a) I want to know what happened. If I don't actually write the story, I will "remember" it wrong. b) I have to start somewhere.

I need to finish it this week. I've been dragging it out too long as it is. Did 2000 words last weekend. If I do 1000 a day, should be able to finish. Need to make up some more random names. "The Demoncloak General", maybe. The point is that he and his troops wear demons as their armor. But what's his NAME? What? What is it? Is he the one I called Ililurmura? I can always drop toys onto the keyboard a few times until I get another name. Or not. Ililurmura must have been an alien, or mythical, or a dragon, or something. One of those shadowy figures that they all remember without ever having met personally (it's the Headmaster's memory they share.)

Googled "Ililurmura". HA HA HA! Tis a "googlenope". Someday the legend of Ililurmura will spread across the internet like some hideous fungus and this is where it all started! Mwah ha ha ha ha! Fools! I'll destroy you all!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

OMG It's February!

What happened to January!? WHAT!? Eh? I want to know.

...Oh. I blew it off watching TV (damn those DVD season collections anyway) and listening to Doctor Who audio plays (thank you, Big Finish). (The good ones are very good, actually. I was surprised. "Omega" was FAR better than the televised story with the 5th Doctor and Omega. I'm glad. I always liked Peter Davison. And Colin Baker! And Paul McGann! Love Paul McGann. But SO glad Fox never picked up the series. It would have been even worse than the current nuWho. So I really enjoyed listening to the 8th Doc audios. He's the best at being CrazyUnhingedDoctor and "ILoveYou"Doctor. As for Sylvester McCoy. Erm. Yeah. I'd rather watch him onscreen. The rrrrrrolling rrrrs don't bug me as much if I'm distracted by his clowning around. Still waiting to find a clip of him with the ferrets down his pants.)

ANYWAY. Must...finish...story...this I can get a start on the next one soon. Looks like it's gonna take another 6000 words or so. Which was, what, 3 days during NaNo? This is pathetic. Gah!

I had some problems figuring out the plot. I mean, why? Why why why? Why the death I wrote in the first paragraph? Why do the same people who happily murder at their master's command change their minds about it by the end of the story? Did they just never think they had any choice about it? What kind of idiots ARE they? Also, if they all share the same "childhood" memories and so on, how did they all end up so different from one another? Hmm? Some kind of nature vs nurture thing going on here? This is the same problem (from a different angle) of the "amnesiac hero" plot. So you lose your memory. Do you suddenly turn on your old friends? If you didn't trust woman X when you HAD your memories, why do you believe she's your wife now? If you liked Mr. Dagger Lee the first time you met, why do you believe he's your mortal enemy now? (TV version) Ah Fei, I'm looking at you! Ahem. Of course, amnesiac Doctor (in the BBC novels) still mostly acted Doctor-ish.

So all right. They have amnesia (the ghosts don't remember the story of their past lives, only some sensory images and skills) but they do share artificial memories given to them by their summoners. They spend a few years training and adjusting to life who are they now? Their "personalities" must be inherent in some way. Not dependent on their memories. They would also diverge depending on what they experienced since they were revived. How human do they think they are? How much empathy can they have for the living? Is our boy Yarrow (I'm calling him Jack Yarrow this month) just...especially NICE? In an infectious way? Lame lame lame. But no, it's not that he's nice, he just has certain principles that are a bit...weird. Hm. right. Time to write that conversation.