Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why. Is. It.Not. Done. Yet. ARRRGH!

So for a week or so after NaNoWriMo officially ended, I didn't do much. 100 words here, 100 words there. I went to sleep every night trying to envision just how the end of the story was supposed to go.

Today I finally sat down and typed out those final scenes..well...I started to. But now I realize I've written more than I did on any actual NaNo day. Not that I ever wrote all that much on any day, but this is still more than that. So. I'm going to head off to bed. *mutters* But really! The end is nigh! The end is nigh! TOMORROW I will finish. I will! I must! The incredibly cheesy yet sexless Armageddon story shall be over with! (At least until I sit down to revise it.)

Current word count: 54869

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