Sunday, November 2, 2008

What, Tomo? You're Japanese?

He seems to have morphed while I wasn't looking at him. In this story, he's apparently Japanese. I looked up the kanji for "Tomo", which turns out to mean "friend". Heh, that's perfect for him.

Although, at the point where my NaNo takes place, everyone is pretty much post-national. Whatever your past, you're here now. People speak a dialect of English (translation convention? Or simply because it was the common language at the time of the apocalypse?)

Tomo's been around. He knows strange things. This is angel-follower Tomo we're talking about, remember? How he survived this long in the Last City, I'm not sure. In love with City Guard Lin? Hmm. Maybe. That would have a certain warped logic to it.

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