Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Slowly we drag along...

...to 34K last night right at midnight. Lin kisses a toad, then visits the demonic coin mint of Belfagor. Number 37 and Lucia sleep (together, platonically) and talk. Guzman suffers Megalomaniac Confessions from Amaury. Looks like Anam may be Mad Jack after all, by the time we're done with him (toad demon blowing up in his face, Number 37 messing with him, then Mad Tom the Piper. The Piper is probably the one who names him Jack. He's probably also the peddler with the magic beans.) But we haven't started yet, so who knows.

Cliche of the day: You are my helpless prisoner and I tell you my PLAN!

Moral of the day: Kissing demonic toads is bad for your health. That turning into a prince thing is, like, totally false.

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