Saturday, November 15, 2008


So I come home from the local write-in, and putter about to waste some time. I watch the new Children in Need Doctor Who Special (2008) and...

WTF! AGHHHH! Somebody kill it! Kill it now! This is the worst new Who CiN special yet, and they've all been pretty bad. Somebody shoot the tenth Doctor, and let's hope it takes this time. But FFS don't let him regenerate into that Doctor. Shades of the third Doc but with only a fraction of the charm. And the third Doc was never my favorite anyway. Ugh. Meanwhile, in 2 minutes, they manage to show all the things I hate about the current Doctor Who: goofy grin, smug Doctor, spinning camera, snowy pseudo-Christmas-Carol landscape, "You fick or somefing?", "ALON-ZEEEEE!", "I'm the Doctor, the one, the only, and the best...this is a job for a Timelord!" *bangs head repeatedly*

...and I even liked "The Runaway Bride" and thought with the Titanic in space...was ok. But damn.

...not that I'm going to go work on my novel or anything now.

Edit: ok, maybe more of a 6th Doctor. And probably a fake anyway. Maybe the rest of the episode will be better. One can only hope. It's too bad, though. I really thought David Tennant had potential (as the Doctor) back in "The Christmas Invasion", but he hasn't lived up to it. (Great moments here and there, but as many moments where it was just painful to watch. Rose really didn't help.)

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