Sunday, November 9, 2008

Magic Eye Fairies!?

Things I discovered today writing my novel (18k. Whee!):

The Fae are hidden in the world like Magic Eye pictures. That's how they can be invisible and visible at the same time. Lin finally caught up with one (or vice versa) and is having a nice friendly chat. The pain, torture, and insanity come later. Just kidding. This novel isn't really horror-ish at all.

I needed to have a fourth POV character. Hello, Guzman, you blackhearted idjit. He's going to stay in Babylon while everyone else is wandering around in the wastelands doing whatever they're doing. Or in Hell, for that matter. But I just invented him today, so I'm not too clear about his plotline yet. Plotline?! Yeah. Should have one. He'll probably get into trouble trying to blackmail Wu the Widow into marrying him.

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