Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's heeere...

Day 2 of NaNoWriMo. This is when grim reality sets in for me. I'm only on chapter one, and I already hate my so-called main character. I need to stop thinking of any of them as my "main character". It only leads to boredom and fear of risks.

I can't write more than 100-200 words at a time, at least, words that are in the novel, as opposed to other words which I can produce about as fast as I can type. This year, I think I've been influenced by TV. My story is coming out in short chunks, scenes spread out among different characters that have yet to meet.

So far I have Luz, Mikael, and Lin. Lin turned out to have the most fun so far. Soon I will be sending her out to find Tinkerbell. Well, maybe not Tinkerbell exactly, but the fae that might be out there. Somewhere. Not yet. She's still talking to Tomo, who turns out to be halfway sane in this novel, though still very cheerful.

Next up today will be Number 37, maybe a few zombies, and then Luz again to wrap up the chapter. That's the plan. Plan! Ha ha ha ha ha!

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