Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 5! When in doubt, handcuff them and stick a black hood over their head

Hit 10K tonight. Whee! Not much really happened. I'm not sure where the words went. Sergeant Lin decides to make a run for it, but she is captured by the Underground and taken to see the Prince of Rats. (Not Adrian, but an alternate universe Prince of Rats. He may still be Mazarin's nephew, though.) I can't remember why the northeast sector of the city was so bad, but in my NaNo it's cursed, haunted, and the province of monsters, mutants, and zombies. Something to that effect.

Before tomorrow, I have to figure out how the Prince of Rats found out about Lin's 'secret' mission. I suspect Helike leaked the information himself, in order to put pressure on Lin and Baphomet. But does the Prince of Rats know that? All I know is that Lin is a stubborn fool and tomorrow she'll get tossed off Goatsbridge. Also tomorrow: Number 37 to explain the facts of life to Lucia. Let's see how that conversation goes!

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