Thursday, November 20, 2008

Behind, behinder...ugh...

Sitting at 1000 words behind my goal. Wait, no, I can't sit. Must...keep...writing...

This is the week where I get depressed at how crappy my novel is. First draft or no, the characters aren't consistent, their reactions don't make sense, the plot bores me, the setting has serious problems, and I don't feel like writing.

Well. I never feel like writing except when I'm definitely NOT writing, so that doesn't mean much. I've been whining all month. And I do that every year. Genetic predisposition to whining! Heh. Mother and daughter whine-fest! (Except she's complaining about her homework at the moment, not her NaNo story.)'s see if I get caught up at all tonight. 4 hrs or so to go...


  1. You can pull out 1000 words, no problem! Just keep at it. I was ahead by the end of week one, then my brain just stalled out & I wrote maybe 3k all week two. I'm breaking the 30k line tonight, if I can manage that, you can hit your catch up 1000 & keep going *proffers caffeine in the form of your choice* Hang in there.

  2. Heh heh. I didn't catch up yesterday, but at least I didn't fall further behind. Will try again today or this weekend. Good luck hitting 30k!