Sunday, November 23, 2008

Anti-climactic drivel

And I can't spell anymore, either. One more week and 8k more words to go (to the official finish, anyway.) This year's story is shorter than previous years (I envisioned it as a novella going in), so I have a remote chance of actually getting to the end of the story.

Another year, another arranged marriage. Maybe. It'll give me a chance to use the Cathedral. (Hey, it's a stop on the Armageddon Tour, right?) Not using the Bank of Babylon, as I didn't build that one. I see Lin, Number 37, Lucia, and Anam all converging at or near the Cathedral for their showdown.

But meanwhile we still have this stupid siege around Babylon. I didn't want to write about a siege OR a big battle scene. But the siege is there. Because of course Baalzy didn't care for Baphomet's New World Order. (Oh yes, I even put in the Crystal City! Not just a stop on the Blue and Yellow lines anymore! I did move it aboveground.) The Host is just observing for now.

Cliche of the day: The ugly, comic-relief demon. He's going to die in...hmm...maybe 5000 words from now?

ArmageddonMUSH fanwank moment: Mecha-chimera ants! Though I doubt anyone's going to bother teaching them to type.

Goal for today: 46000 words.

I have my doubts. If I could do 4k a day, I'd be done already.

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