Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another day, another cliche (or two)

I'm behind again. Must try to do 3000 words today. The plot is still a mess. Another antagonist from the cliche box: the Badass Bounty Hunter.

Anam. He's a cacoheme addict. (Cacoheme, made from demon blood, is illegal in Babylon. But he's Just That Good, as the cliche goes. Haven't worked out all the details yet. It's possible Mikael will make use of cacoheme later, when the Nameless demands a vision of him.) He has a magic dagger. (oooo! how original! Not. That had better not be Mad Jack's shtick he's stealing! But Mad Jack does not appear in this story, so who cares!) Which he doesn't throw or use for stabbing all that much. The point is, Anam can find (AND teleport to) anyone, once he's captured a bit of their shadow in his dagger. (Known in some games as "scry and die". And yes, you wait until your target is asleep to do this.) (Anam Mark I was a demon summoner. Now we know what his price was for that!)

Cliche 2: the Wild Hunt

Hellequin, I choose you! His duty is to wander around the earth chasing the Damned to Hell. Black dogs and black horses and the black goats of DOOM!

See you in 2500 words or so...

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