Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Agh! Not done yet?!

So...let's see...I seem to be 5000 words behind at this point. I'll blame it on being sick, etc. etc. Heh. Today I finally feel warm again. Yay. Of course, none of that helps my NaNo. Stupid horrible story. *kicks it viciously a few more times* The characters sound the same, the plot is incoherant, there's no romance, none of the named characters has died yet, I hate prophecies, and the end is nigh.

Helike showed up again, but I'm not sure what to do with him. Tomo is threatening to sacrifice himself for Lin, but I wish he wouldn't, that would just be annoying, as that would leave Lin in the awkward position of inhabiting his body. The Ala Moana shopping mall is the stuff of nightmares! And I didn't even mention the food court. Meanwhile, Lucia has to reach the Abbey and Baphomet has to break the siege. The shadows are chasing the wrong woman! I actually wanted Number 37 to have a bunch of stray shadows to work with. I'll have to figure something out later.

Cliche of the day: You could be the next winner in our "Lord of Babylon" sweepstakes! Temptations and car chases! Well, it would have been more of a chase if the chasees had had some kind of vehicle instead of being on foot.

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