Sunday, November 16, 2008


Dragged myself to 30k just before midnight last night. Writing...oh geez..."learning powers" scenes. I hate those. I always hated having to send in logs of "instruction RP" on online games to justify getting stats. The problem is that it's always learning some kind of supernatural shit, and if I could really learn/teach that, I'd be doing it in real life! So of course I had to do "learn superpowers" scenes for TWO of my characters. Gah! As a GM I was (and still am) prone to randomly threatening characters with death and other mishaps during their power-up scenes. To be fair, I ought to do it to my characters, too. Guzman has troubles enough. Lucia...well...we'll see if anything bad happens to Lucia.

*cues power-up montage scene with inspirational song*

Left Lin running away somewhere in Hell. (Not sure where she's gonna go, and if it's any improvement over the fate she was previously contemplating.) The Wild Hunt is about to descend on Lucia and Number 37. Guzman is going stir crazy in his genie bottle.

Cliche of the day: the Power-up Montage.

ArmageddonMUSH fanwank moment: A chessboard! (remember Alex Korchnoi and his soul-eating chessboard? Probably not. But I have a log!) Well, the one in the NaNo is not that chessboard, and there was no chess game, but I was thinking of that when I was writing. ("If faith is worthless, what use is chess?" Poor Kate! "Hmm, black or white? Yes, that says it all, doesn't it?")

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