Tuesday, November 11, 2008

20k! I get to watch Sarah Jane!

Dragged myself to 20000 words around 1 am last night before falling asleep. In which we meet Mad Tom/the Pied Piper, find the Lake of Ten Thousand Memories, eat breakfast, and mope about aimlessly. A few more threats set in motion (Guzman, Mikael). Haven't written anything yet today. Rewarded myself for reaching 20k by watching the "Sarah Jane Adventures" ("Mark of the Berserker, pt 2").

I really like the SJA. It's not very original (most of the plots are completely predictable) but it's put together well, and generally more fun than Torchwood (especially as I love Lis Sladen, even if she's now suffering a bit from being a Star.) The stories being 2 episodes long helps a lot with character and plot development. (Things I have problems with in the new Who).

Three things I don't like: 1) Mr. Smith. Gack. If you can't have K-9, at least make your supercomputer more interesting. Cut the dry ice and steal a personality from Blake's 7 or HGTTG or wherever. 2) SECRET! IT'S SECRET! Oh, please. Torchwood is even worse, in this regard. At least they concede that people know about aliens now, it's just something someone ELSE deals with. But there's way too much mindwiping going on. 3) Infected by the new Doctor Who and its "The Doctor is God" mythologizing. That grand entrance (with the music!) when Sarah Jane appeared this episode was PAINFUL.

The companions...I like the new girl, Rani. Even better than Maria (I liked Maria and her family, too.) When I saw the trailer for the Berserker eps, I thought maybe they'd found another Timelord-in-an-amulet and she was really the Rani. Just as well they didn't, it would have been incredibly stupid. But still. Why "Rani"? They're still trying too hard with Clyde (and was this week's plot a tad racist?) and Luke is the new Adric, but that's all right.

So yeah. The Pied Piper probably ended up in my NaNo because of the SJAs.

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