Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two more stowaways! I mean story ideas...

Glub glub glub...

I think we're going down. Two more stories I intended to work on. Argh.

7) Pix in the City? A collaboration with a friend of mine. It's all his fault! Yeah, that's the ticket! Last year we agreed to work on a novel together during NaNoWriMo. Well, we've been doing online RPGs together for years now, so in theory we should be well attuned to each other's theory... Anyway, this will be an SFish story about fey waking up (or being woken up by the Evil Corporation) in the near future.

8) Furry Cyperpunk Cthulhuoid Fey Collectives! Or something. Earth has been overrun by the hive-mind created by the TechnoPax Virus. The survivors crash-landed on an alien planet when their experimental stardrive (some kind of psionic engine) broke or was sabotaged. Now they must forge a new civilization without being eaten by Great Cthulhu. Or something to that effect. I've always hated furries as much as I've hated elves and vampires, so of course now I feel compelled to write a story with "furries" in them. Call it a tribute to Cordwainer Smith. Yeah, right.

Ok. That's 8. I should go for an even dozen! I'll dredge out my old files of notes and find something, I'm sure. If I cheat and write them as short stories, say 5000 words each, I'm all set! Woo hoo! Chances are, even if 90 percent of what I write is crap, I'll get ONE decent story out of this. Right? Right? If I try to write 10 NOVELS, that'll be another...6 years? Bah.

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