Wednesday, October 29, 2008

T0 minus 3 days

I want to start. Words and images swirl around in my head. It's only in November, when I capture them, that I realize that story ideas are like gas, but words typed out are more like liquid. All those cool thoughts and bits of dialogue compress down to almost nothing. It's terribly depressing.

I've been trawling for characters. I think I've caught a few... Ms. Cardboard Cutout Damsel-in-distress deigned to reveal herself to me yesterday. She's called "Number 37". (The 36 are still out there somewhere, is what she believes.) She's a Babylon Rat. The Mark of the Beast on her is a forgery, as Mikael warns Luz. She's sure to have her own agenda. Mr. Mayor turns out to be Baphomet. Baphomet is a name he took. He's a fallen saint. Why would a saint fall? I'm not sure. I'll find out later. The "children" are Connor and Elsa.

Characters don't "talk to me". Sometimes I hear them talking to each other (the same way I can be watching TV in a dream), but I'm not in their universe. When I type their dialogue, it can surprise me. Sometimes I don't know what they'll say until they say it. I don't like to decide everything beforehand. Many times ideas will occur to me as I write the story. I just need to work on revision more.

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  1. I can totally hear you on that one. I love being surprised by my own characters.