Saturday, October 25, 2008

Countdown: one week!

Yeah. Panicking yet? I thought so. Still no name for the POV character. Wait. It came to me while I was taking a shower this morning. It's a maybe. Not sure yet. Stealing from the Narnia series. Lucy. My version of the anti-Lucy? Heh. But I don't really like the name Lucy. But "Light" is appropriate enough. Perhaps "Lucinda"? "Luce"? "Lucia"? (St. Lucia, patron saint of the blind...) "LooCHEEa"? (damn, that's ugly). "Luz"?

"Luz" would make her Hyan Luize, another of my NPCs. The stubborn self-righteous priestess from the City on the Lake of Night. She's dead now, so it could well be her soul in this character, except for the minor niggle of being in a different universe. But at least it would give me a basis for writing the character. I know who Hyan Luize is. The current NaNo character is a cypher to me. Luz it is, then. Luz, nickname for Lucia. Hyan Luize never gave up. She was defeated, but she never stopped fighting.

Luz and Mikael. They only met after the first ending of the world. I started writing Appendix One ("What has gone before") yesterday and realized that. Now (in my head) they're arguing: Mikael chose to accept the mark of the beast, but Luz won't. In the current timeline, Mikael is arguing with the Nameless about the uselessness of names (but I can't write that yet as it's part of my NaNo). The Nameless says it's another gift squandered by the children of Adam. Language did not come naturally to angel-kind. Mikael says, "Nah. It's overrated. I mean, look at me. Named for an arch-angel and where'd it get me?" Mikael likes to argue with people. Apparently. He's about to name the Nameless "Stan". Stupid, but it amuses him.

The Nameless declares, "All names shall be mine. Stripped from every breath and every thought, until all the world lies mute beneath the sky. On that day, every name shall be in my grasp."

"Isn't the whole point of names to be able to tell things apart? So if you're going 'all ur names are belong to us', we're back to square one again."

"Precisely. And this time /I/ shall give things their true names."

"If you say so." Only a demon would declare a vendetta against nouns, he thought. Or possibly an angel. Same difference. What's in a name? A rose by any other name, yadda yadda. He sighed.

"I do say so."

So there you have it. Names, shnames, what's for lunch today? Leftovers, probably.

[Edited to add: The name was probably planted in my subconscious by the "Miss Lucy" clapping rhyme. Heh.]

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  1. xD Just reading your NaNo blog got the clapping rhyme stuck in my head. Good luck this year! I'll be watching your blog, as well.

    -Fellow Nanoer.