Sunday, October 12, 2008

Contact has been made... the victims of a sentient telepathic virus said in one of the sillier episodes of classic Doctor Who (as in Tom Baker with the hat and the scarf and the jelly babies).

I think I managed to infect a fellow mom at the playground the other day, burbling on about NaNo while our kids were playing. She told me of her notebooks full of ideas and head full of unwritten lines... Sound familiar? Mwah ha ha ha! That could be any number of us.

Ye-e-es...I'll blame the excitement of a "new recruit" for my impulse buy of a new Acer Aspire One notebook computer. *cough cough* But it was so cuuuuute. And at a good price, I felt. My daughter fell in love with it instantly. She's been making videos of herself (it's the first time I had anything with a webcam...that thing is vidphone...with its modern technology and what is this wifi you speak of?) and sending them to her friends. While talking to the same friends on the regular phone. *headdesks*

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