Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Characters! Where are my characters?

Even stealing my own characters (it's fun to read roleplaying logs from 10+ years ago, yes it is! Captain Helike had more scenes than I had remembered. Department of Instruction, was it? One successful onscreen corruption of a human soul. And then there were all those cultists who were killed, then turned into zombies! Before that, there was the strange scene where the angry angel was torturing them to get them to recant! No, I wasn't the person playing the angel. I played the mob of blasphemous cultists. Shopkeeper Mazarin and his nephews Henri and Joe-Bob. Fetch the hellhound. Demon summoner Anam. Crazy angel follower Tomo. City Guard Lin.)--- it's useless.

I still need characters for THIS story, for THIS year. Bah! So I have no one but myself to blame if I have strange voices arguing in my head as I'm driving or walking. But do they fit in my story, this story? Uh...I don't know. Do they? The worst part is the main character. It's going to end up as a horrible self-insert blank, I can tell. ARGGH!!! She doesn't even have a name yet. I can just call her Mary Sue and be done with it. Dammit, I know her husband better than I know her, and she's supposed to be my POV character. Time to write some short sketches to figure out who she is.

Why am I babbling about it here? Who even reads these blogs, eh? Time to shut up and write something in character...

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