Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Apocalyptic madness it is!

After mulling over various story ideas for awhile, I've decided to work on my post-apocalyptic tale of lost souls, ghosts, zombies, angels, demons, and who knows what else. (Brude, it's all your fault for sending me that email and reminding me! Now the idea is stuck in my head and rapidly accruing more ideas that just seem to glom onto it...) It's clear I won't be able to get anything else written before I get this one out of my system.

It doesn't help that I still need names for most of the characters. One of them is called the Nameless, but how many of those can you have running around in the same story? Well, maybe they've started a club. Rune magic being as risky as it is, it's quite possible we have multiple characters who've lost/spent/sold their own names. Huh. How did she learn it anyway? Presumably that's one of the memories that's been lost. (But I need to know. Hmm. Was it a sneaky trick by the Architect of Damnation? "Architect of Damnation"? Is that really what I want to call him/her/it? Usually you'd think it meant Lucifer. But in this case, I doubt it is. Then again, who knows? Lucifer is NOT the current Lord of Hell, is he? He could be hiding under "Architect of Damnation". Maybe he and the Nameless are one and the same after all. I never said he wasn't. Whatever happened, the Architect was tricked out of his souls. And he's not what he was. Still. If he was the serpent in the Garden, maybe it was his idea all along. He was a rebel, and wanted humans to rebel, too. But he never forced anyone. He only tempted them. Sounds cheesy. Mmm...cheese...)

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