Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another year, another NaNo

I'm going to try keeping a blog about my attempt this year. Maybe it will inspire me to some kind of coherance. Then again, maybe not. Or it can be somewhere I can babble under my breath about story ideas and plots. I have about five different story ideas that I wanted to write. Not sure which one I'll work on in November.

Let's see, there's...

1) the Bastard's Tale: set under Earthlaw, with the bastard, the Exterran War, Jack Frost, the wereweasels, and the messy aftermath of a previous unfinished story of mine.

2) the Werewolf's Tale: the werewolf conspiracy, and how it was foiled by my team of prophets (the vampire and the elf, yeah right). This one may involve too many shopping malls.

3) the Demon's Tale: the two prophets interrupt a wedding, stop a miracle, and precipitate a strange chain of events with Minos, the bride, the Labyrinth, the freedom fighters, and the Rune of Chaos (or some other less cheesy plot token.)

4) the Seven Who Returned: Seven mass-murderers who only did it for the best of reasons, now dragged back from the dead as six pickled heads in jars and one janitorial necromancer, all in the service of an evil queen and deicide. (RPG tie-in, homebrew world. Amusingly enough, the seven were all my characters. If someone else writes a tie-in, their characters can be the protagonists.)

5) the Mother's Tale: Post-Apocalyptic fantasy. I always loved the imagery of the Bible's book of Revelation. So this is what came afterwards. Not being a Christian, my distorted interpretations, characters, and depictions may seem blasphemous. I did a "rewritten fairy tale" in this setting once (Jack and the Beanstalk!) and now I may try a longer piece. (Another RPG tie-in, long-defunct game, homebrew setting and random rule system pulled out of my ass.)

Hmm...what to do, what to do. Anyway, I'm looking forward to NaNo. But I say that every year. Until it starts. But I mean it! It's a lovely bit of (cheap!) escapism from a depressing (for humans) real world.

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